STOP Working Hard
Use High-Tech Tools
Become a BOSS

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HARP is ...


Artificial Intelligence at your disposal places you on higher levels of performance.


You can implement your game plan and be your own boss.


You will receive income that will grow as you expand your Network by helping other people learn how to make money online.


Learn to use an automated platform and work with an international network of collaborators that exchange products and services from all over the world.


Make your Dreams come True

Help Others
Receive Rewards

Hybrid Autonomous Rewards Platform 
Is Fully Funded
You Pay Nothing

“I live near beaches and mountains in a beautiful small town without jobs. I go to night school and help my mom make ends meet. I write articles about the best value for locals and visitors to find hotels, restaurants, stores, the best tradesmen or professionals, undervalued Real Estate and profitable Investments. I started my career early and I really like helping other people.”

CaperucitaCaperucitaTeenager with a Cell phone, Faith and Ambition

“My Dad retired and I inherited his busy Laboratory. I am collaborating with an experienced Biotech investor from China and we have expanded our Stem-Cell and Gene-editing services from Costa Rica to Colombia."

Dr Ester PakDr Ester PakA young woman with the Vision to extend a life of Virility for her loved ones and the Grandfathers who are loved by others

“I kept my husband’s books for more than 20 years when I decided to get away from it all in the USA. I tool risks and changed my life. I wanted to save taxes and put my money where I have control. I invested in the machine shop of a hard-working young man. We imported 3-D printing equipment for small production runs. In less than a year, the business skyrocketed and so did my lifestyle.”

G.F.G.F.Grandma gone South to turn into an Investor

International Platforms
Have your Back

Trusted P2P Network

on a Blockchain
Bypass Middlemen

Put your Best Foot Forward

Guard your Pricvacy and keep your Identity Secret.  Build a Brand name that will be judged by sellers, buyers and collaborators on the merits of your Performance, Contributions and Presentations.  Favors contaminate and Meritocracy makes fair deals. HARP helps fast growth even if you start small.

Socialize like a Boss

It’s not only What you know. Who you know is much more important. Needy People ask for Favors.  A BOSS will Never ask for Favors. The best way to build to your own Network is like a BOSS. 
Solve the problems for important people to become their BOSS.
HARP has the tools to find people with problems and solve them.

Nothing Less than the Best

Success is all about the Network Effect. Collaboration builds trustworthy networks of Stakeholders with Skin in the Game.
Find people willing to pay for problem solving source the top talent with the highest value.
HARP gives you the tools. Don’t get Greedy. Integrity is Key to Long Term Success.

Reputation Creates Wealth

Good Collaborators lose Ratings and damage their reputation when they take advantage of the Platform to help friends and relatives who need help.

Business is Business.

The BOSS Makes the Money in Business and gives them to Friends and Relatives when they need help.
Short term gains end up in long term losses.

Expect to Win

Winners Always Win because they know how to pick real opportunities and “Go All In”.  Winners bootstrap and save to build “Skin in the Game”.

Collaborate with the Best and overcome all obstacles.

Winners know the formula works and they keep doing it.

HARP offers Collaborators the Winners’ Formula.

Act like a BOSS to Become One

Until about eight years ago, we didn’t have the right tools for someone to act like a BOSS when they were poor and small. Then, as if by magic, Collaboration technologies spread out worldwide to replace scarcity consciousness with Abundance.

HARP gives a chance for anyone to Act like a BOSS till they become one.


Sounds Too Good to be True

Yes it sounds exactly like that within the old way thinking where you are entrapped for now. But when you cross over to the other side and think like a BOSS, you’ll discover how giving pays back much more than taking.

The old way of thinking is all about money and fear of loss that always manifests. That’s why most people chase the money and never have enough. Greedy old fools in positions of immense Power and untold Wealth, have brought humanity to the edge of extinction and made everybody hate them. What a pitiful bunch of billionaire derelicts who reach the end of their life with fear, untold wealth and moral bankruptcy.

Everything changes when you cross over to the other side and become the BOSS of Yourself and your money. Fear of Loss is transformed to the energy created by the Joy of giving. Giving keeps on paying back because it is Love based. People die to protect their loved ones and kill to protect their possessions.

What kind of Bull*hit is this?  Please give me the facts.Yes it sounds exactly like it’s “Too Good to be True” when you are entrapped into the old way of scarcity-based thinking.
How to Replace Scarcity with Abundance

How does your company make money when you pay instead of getting paid?When we cross over to the other side, we start thinking like we are our own BOSS. That’s how we discover the trans-formative science of Abundance Consciousness.
Why You Should Pay It Forward

Is it dangerous, illegal or immoral?Surely you realize that the owners of multi-million dollar companies are not asking such questions that freeze the ordinary folk into inaction
How to Beat FUD by asking the Questions like a BOSS

Is there Magic involved?It’s a definite Yes. We use the latest technologies that work like Magic because they manifest what has always been considered impossible.
Make Money, Have Fun, Work Less, Learn More with Artificial Intelligence

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You need Money to make Money

Doesn't Apply here

You need

Courage and Faith

Strong Will to
Manifest Dreams

Resilience to
Keep on Going

Engage fully
till you are Discovered

Start with a very good first Article

You Need Money to Make Money ?

Continue Improving and submitting more articles that are helpful to others

Prove Yourself
You will be Selected by the best Collaborators and be Accepted by the Collaborators that you Select

You Need Money?
We don’t Accept your Money before you Start Making Money.

Make Comments, Share, Like, Dislike, Agree, Disagree, Blow off Steam and Share your Dreams.

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